Nishikigoi refers to the Japanese colored carp, a luxury ornamental fish indigenous to Japan that has garnered the attention of people worldwide. Cyclo Inc. provides a platform for the overseas business development of nishikigoi with access to rare varieties through our network of many long-established nishikigoi breeders and specialty retailers. Our sustainable breeding environment combines AI with a respect for traditional breeding techniques and the latest technologies, set against the natural beauty of the Japanese landscape.

Cyclo has a team of award-winning breeders and multilingual staff as well as an extensive network of overseas partners to maintain strict quality control and safe overseas transport. Through nishikigoi, we hope to encourage an appreciation for an essential part of Japanese culture across the globe.


Cyclo Inc. provides comprehensive solutions for all things nishikigoi. Even our logo, a white die with black and red markings, symbolizes the three colors that best represent luxurious nishikigoi: white, red, and black.

At our nishikigoi farm, the most dedicated breeders on the planet carefully oversee our fish 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Much like people, the nishikigoi's shape and constitution depend on their environment and diet, which is why we employ state-of-the-art technologies to maintain an aquatic environment optimal for growth and feed our nishikigoi the best nutrients to keep them healthy and safe from disease. We use the clearest groundwater from Mt. Hakusan, which is highly coveted and consistently ranked as one of Japan's 100 most remarkable water sources. Together with our original koi feed, this mineral-rich snowmelt is what sets our nishikigoi apart, which thrive and develop a variety of vibrant patterns. We also have direct access to a supply of over 20,000 of the highest quality nishikigoi from leading breeders across the country.

Our bilingual staff is always available to speak with international clients interested in nishikigoi. We have reliable English-language support and have supplied various koi to a clientele that includes famous celebrities and business owners worldwide. At Cyclo, we are committed to satisfying even the most discerning nishikigoi owners, wherever they may be in the world.

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